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publicist | event producer | speaker


I scale your message with Social Media, Speaking and Press

ABOUT Dan shaikh

Dan Shaikh is the co-founder of Speaker Slam®, a speaker development agency that builds speakers and cultivates changemakers. He is best known as the host of North America's largest inspirational speaking competition.

Dan's own mental health journey from shy immigrant to championing a platform that allows others to be seen & heard highlights the transformative power of vulnerability and expression. He's now dedicated to empowering others to embrace their authentic selves, share their stories, and create ripples of inspiration that create global change.

Dan has been personally featured on Breakfast Television, OmniTV, and CityNews. He is also the co-author of the Amazon Best-Seller book Our Yellow Brick Road. As a publicist for inspirational changemakers, Dan’s work has catapulted speakers to secure media coverage, viral opportunities, paid speaking gigs, TEDx talks, and book deals. His speakers have accrued over 500 million views across social media on platforms like Goalcast, Jay Shetty, Power of Positivity, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and many more.

He has produced over 100 events in Toronto with hundreds of attendees and given over 1,000 speakers a platform to share their messages of inspiration. He is passionate about changing the narrative and dispelling stigma all the while highlighting positive representations, strengths, and diversity. His events have helped raise over $10,000 for various charities and have been featured in the media on Global News, CBC Radio, and CTV News.

My clients have been seen on

Aseel El-Baba

Toronto’s First Financial Therapist

“I recently had the incredible opportunity to appear on Breakfast Television at CTV, all thanks to Dan Shaikh from Speaker Slam. Dan played a crucial role in pitching my work in financial therapy to the show, leading to an invaluable exposure and experience. I'm deeply grateful for Dan's belief in me and his commitment to helping me grow my career and impact. A heartfelt thank you to Dan for his support and encouragement.”

Cultivating Trust, Elevating Credibility, Amplifying Expertise.

Be Seen, Be Heard. From Hidden Gem to Headline.

Joze Piranian

International Keynote Speaker

"Dan Shaikh's support and the platform provided by Speaker Slam were pivotal in transforming my journey from struggling with a stutter to becoming a recognized motivational speaker. Under Dan's creative direction, the high-quality videos produced amplified my message, enabling significant opportunities like speaking at the Archangel Summit alongside notable figures such as Arlene Dickinson and Brendon Bouchard.

Thanks to Dan's efforts and strategic media partnerships, my speeches reached viral status, with nearly 2.5 million views, far exceeding the impact of traditional venues. This not only marked a key milestone in my career but also underscored Dan's commitment to scaling my message and inspiring a global audience.”


Co-Author of the bestselling book Our Yellow Brick Road